Website Maintenance

As your business grows and changes, you’ll want your website to reflect those differences. While updating your site may not be your first priority, let us know what you want and it will be ours. We’ll work with you as your business expands to make sure your website continues to be an online portrait of you and your company. Whatever changes you want, we can make them happen.

Basic Updates

Do you need some changes made to your text and images? Maybe you want to change some of your content on a monthly basis to keep your clients updated about what’s going on with your company. Let us know about even these simple changes and we can function as your webmaster, keeping your site up to date and making sure your customers have the latest information about new products or services.

Advanced Updates

Sometimes, when you’re browsing along online, you might see features of different websites that you would love to offer your customers. Instead of thinking that it’s impossible, tell us what you saw or send us to the website. We can reproduce anything you might find online so you can enhance your business. If you hear about a new technology and want that functionality, let us know. We’re continually educating ourselves so that we can use and implement anything new that comes up.