Notes from WordCamp 2014 in Orange County, California

Website Development
WordCamp Orange County 2014 Underscores --> WordPress Starter Theme Chris Lema from San Diego Build a platform. Takes time and effort. Build trust. Offer value. Answer questions. Solve their problem. What is the end game? Direct your light. Shine the light on them. Make it about them, not you. Take the road less traveled. Do something others are not. Indirect streams. Affiliate streams. direct Streams User experience for WP platforms Cody Landefeld : 10years making sites. 6+ Wordpress User Experience encompasses all aspects of the end users experience with the company and product. Why is it important: We are the builders. We have the ability to create great things for people who want to create great things. User experience is understanding empathy. Learning from their experience. Understanding their challenges…
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